2019 League Champions
Men’s A - Steelers
Men’s B - Aftershock
Men’s C - Can’t Touch This

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Rule Amendments

(1) offensive pass interference---15 yard penalty and loss of down

(2) tipped balls---all tipped balls will be considered live anywhere on the field of play until the ball hits the ground...bobbled ball rules still apply

(3) game clock---4 quarters of 17 minutes
---game clock will continue to run unless a timeout is called by either team or an official, except during the final 2 minutes of the half & game
“2 minute” rules
  • game clock will stop at the 2 minute warning, or shortly thereafter, if a play is ongoing
  • game clock will start again at the next snap
  • the game clock will stop during conversions (play clock still applies) and won’t start again until the ball is touched by the receiving team after the subsequent kick-off, then stop again until the ball is snapped on the next play
  • the game clock will stop whenever the bags are moved then start again once the bags have been set
  • if the leading team is penalized the game clock will stop until the next snap, whereas if the losing team is penalized the game clock will stop to reset the bags then start immediately following
  • at the end of the half or game, if there is any time left on the game clock, immediately following the previous play, there will be 1 final play(play clock still applies)
  • each team will have 1 first-half timeout, 2 second-half timeouts and 1 floater
  • 30 seconds in length
  • referee will announce 10 seconds remaining, when applicable
  • 30 seconds will start at a "reasonable" time following the previous play
  • if the offensive team is hustling, it will start once the offensive players have crossed the line of scrimmage
  • if offensive players aren't hustling game officials will start the play clock as they see fit
  • on any given play, there is only one protected rusher(primary)
  • in order to remain protected the primary rusher must start a minimum of 1 yard from either side of the rush bag, but no more than 5 yards from the rush bag(on the NFL field the protected zone will only extend 4 yards from the rush bag)
  • the primary rusher’s protection lane is widened if there is a rolling snap or if the QB rolls out upon receiving the snap
  • each new rusher must identify himself prior to the play by raising his hand so that the opposing center is aware of the primary rusher
  • once a legal player(protected or unprotected) has crossed the line of scrimmage, any other player can do likewise even if they weren’t 5 yards back at the time of the snap
  • a penalty will occur if an unprotected rusher or an offensive player makes hard contact with a member of the opposing team
(7) QB vs. rusher touch
  • whenever a 50/50 play occurs the ruling will favour the offence
  • any player, minus the center, can reset themselves without penalty unless at least 1 of the following occurs: the play clock runs out before the reset occurs, the ball is snapped when the offending player is still offside, the offensive player runs beyond the rushing bag and/or the rusher crosses the line of scrimmage

  • if the game is tied at the end of regulation time the teams in question will go directly to a conversion based format
  • each team will get 3 conversion attempts(1 or 2 point conversions) and the team with the most total points will be declared the winner
  • if the game is still tied the sudden death component of the overtime will commence(round by round)
  • home team will decide offence or defence in all odd number rounds, whereas the away team will have their choice in the even numbered rounds
***please note that any offensive penalty which occurs inside the endzone will negate the attempt in question, whereas any defensive penalty in the endzone will result in a successful conversion regardless of the results of the play...all other infractions will be dealt with in the usual manner

  • if any finals game is tied at the end of regulation time the following rules will apply:
(1) two 8 minute quarters of non-stop time, except during conversions, kick-offs and the final 2 minutes of the game
  • normal rules will apply
  • each team will get 1 timeout
  • team will simply change ends after the first quarter of overtime(no kick-off & clock will stop until next snap)
  • 2 minute rules will apply only at the end of the 2nd overtime quarter
(2) if still tied the teams will move to the conversion component of overtime
***semi-finals conversion rules will apply until a result has been reached

(1) any player who is ejected from a game will automatically be suspended from the next game, pending an appeal

(2) any previously suspended player will face a minimum suspension of 3 games for a second offence, pending an appeal

(3) any person who strikes or attempts to strike another player, official and/or spectator will face a minimum suspension of 1 year, pending an appeal

(4) the appeal process will require a written statement from the offending party, then the facts will be discussed by the 2 team captains, all officials involved and John and myself...following this process a final decision will be rendered

(5) any suspended player cannot attend any games while under suspension...if they fail to follow this ruling they and/or their team could face further sanctions up to and including suspension from the League